GrooveFunnels pricing and affiliate program review

GrooveFunnels Pricing and Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels really kicked it off this year with their Groove project and brought to live 17 amazing apps that kind of transformed digital marketing with a more efficient and easier approach for the one time ridiculously low price if you decide to upgrade, which is what we highly recommend, before the costs will move to monthly-based subscription. Founders of Groove Funnels commit to saying that this extremely low introductory price will never happen again, and it’s very limited, once they fill up the room, the door is closed and the price will get restructured.

The pricing of GrooveFunnels goes from Free to Platinum $1397 one time payment, which is super generous, let us explain. For one time payment of 14 hundred bucks you get unlimited and unrestricted access to all 17 GrooveFunnels apps and all the other apps they will develop in the future 2021 and beyond.

So if this doesn’t sound already like the best deal ever then listen to this.

If you decide to upgrade the free account to Platinum will also get an opportunity to participate in the Groove Affiliate program and start earning 40% commission from each sale you refer to as an affiliate partner. Free Groove members can also earn commissions from GrooveFunnels software sales but only half 20%, so you may as well upgrade now when the price is the lowest that will ever be.

On top of that, you can get paid a 10% commission from each and every sale that the person you referred in the past made. So if you refer a huge influencer, and they decide to promote GrooveFunnels software suite as well and make a lot of sales…you get the picture…happy days! 🙂

Now, on top of that, every free member you refer, every lead, is hardcoded to YOU, and whenever they decide to upgrade their GrooveFunnels account, you get the sale.

So What are you waiting for?

Become a Groove Affiliate now make use of the newest marketing and best website building app so far created.

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